Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My first ever MAC lipstick - Hue

Hiya girls! 

So I know I am late on the MAC lipstick band wagon... I've wanted a MAC lipstick for ages but couldn't decide on the right shade. So I opted for an everyday colour that I could just pop into my handbag. I decided on "hue" I narrowed it down to three to start with these being creme cup, hue and myth. I have similar colours to creme cup and myth in my YSL lipsticks (which I love! isn't the packaging so gorgeous?!?)

So I opted for Hue which is lighter more sheer lipstick than myth. It's more natural and like a lipgloss I thought.

First of all, I love the packaging! It's less bulky than my YSL lipsticks and lighter in weight, so it fits perfectly in my handbag. 

This is now my everyday lipstick so it prob won't last me long but MAC's inventive of bringing back 5 empty containers and receiving a free lipstick is good enough for me! :-) 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Starting off: Skincare

Hiya girls!

So Today is the first day of the so project. (Which I am very excited about!)

 Steph from Steph’s Inside Voice came up with the idea of The Starting off Project and as soon as I received further information, I had to be apart of it! 

Each week, for a total of ten weeks, around 130+ other bloggers and I will be coming together to share our experiences with make-up and tips. The purpose of the project is to reach out to younger teens, or those people who are just starting to use make-up.

So this weeks post is about skin care so I thought I would talk you through my daily and weekly routine.

I've been really blessed that I don't really tend to have spots, I think I have on average one a year (slight exagiration!) so I don't really have any spot products. 

Every day I apply a day cream before my foundation and also a night cream after I take off my makeup. These are the two face creams I use... 

I think these are amazing for people on a budget as they only cost around £2-£3 each from SuperDrug and the green pot is from Tesco. These are also great for people who are lazy with their skin care routine like me as they both have vitamin E and other good ingredients for your skin to keep it radiant. I love the scent of these as they don't smell to fragrant just really refreshing, like cucumber!

Every week I cleanse my face with the hot cloth kit from SuperDrug. I love this! Especially as it only cost me £4 (and that's including the cloth!) this makes my face feel really soft and smooth and also pushes all my blackheads to the surface.. (Lovely!) all you have to do with this product is lather it all over your face, keep it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off with the cloth in warm water.

I don't tend to moisturise my whole body as I fake tan with xen-tan, which has conditioning agents in it anyway.. I know I am so lazy... I really need to focus on my skin care more.. As I don't want to be a wrinkly hag by 30! So on that basis, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone else's skin routine. :-) 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Beauty works - double volume straight

So as you all know, I am slightly addicted to hair extensions... 

Normally I only buy 100% human hair as I feel synthetic hair is very shiny and artificial looking.  I came across the straight double volume piece by Beauty Works whilst curiously checking out their website.... 

This one is a Double Volume straight Piece that you can use to boost your own hairs volume or use it as a piece on its own to add length. 

This is honestly my favourite piece out of all the one's I have so far (including my 100% Remi clip in extensions...) as it's super long, makes my hair really thick, adds volume and looks natural! (Every girls dream? I think so...) unlike other synthetic hair pieces the beauty works synthetic range actually looks like real hair, it doesn't have that shiny plastic feel or look to it. 

It comes with 2 combs that slide into your own hair and I have found that the best way to apply it is to firstly section your hair, leaving the front down and tying up the crown section and back of your hair into a bun and kirby grip it as close to your head as possible.

 Then, slide one comb over the bun and the other under the bun. All you need to do then is to blend your own hair over the join to make it look natural and if you are blessed with thick hair - this won't be too difficult to do, if your like me and have naturally thin hair, then just backcomb your hair over the join or maybe a small quif. 

This retails for £39.99 and you can purchase it from Please tweet the girls at @beauty_works with a picture of your hair and they will be more than happy to colour match you up! :-) (I have shade boho blonde) 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bpure - SuperDrug ft. Micellar Water

Hiya girlies,

Just a quick post.. I headed into SuperDrug today to pick up the new Bpure Micellar water as I have seen loads of people rating this lately and wanted to give it a go myself! I haven't tried it out yet, but I just wanted to tell you about the most amazing deal SuperDrug have on at the moment... If you head in and purchase this cleanser, not only does it have 1/3 off meaning it only cost me £3.33 it also came with a free goodie bag! (A gorgeous one may I add!) I was more excited about trying this out rather than the cleanser! Lol! 

In the free little goodie bag I received a £2 voucher off my next Bpure purchase, a mini lipstick in shade 186 rose quartz, mini eyeshadow cream in 096 golden sand, face eye cream, face serum and a BB cream in shade light. (Amazing eh?!) not bad for a freebie on a £3.33 item!!!

Below is the swatches of the lipstick and the eyeshadow cream. (This picture does no justice to how gorgeous and glittery the eyeshadow is! I am defiantly purchasing this!) 

Just thought I would share this with you ladies as I know this Micellar water trend is going CRAZY at the moment!! 

Mwah. Xxx


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