Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to Apply and Contour your body with Fake Tan

Hiya Girlies,

A body contouring tan is not just for a-listers and celebrities, you can easily achieve a sculpted look at home and make yourself look slimmer and more toned by just popping some fake tan on! (magical!)

First of all, always prep your skin. I find when I don’t prep my skin, the tan clogs up and streaks easy so exfoliating is essential. Exfoliate your skin with a scrub, I recommend using bodyshops sugar scrub with an exfoliating glove from


After you have exfoliated your skin, moisturise your skin with a very light coat of your normal moisturiser, this ensures everywhere is nicely moisturied so the tan glides on easily. Ensure you put heavier coats of moisturiser on your elbows and knees, ankles and your drier areas.


Its then time to apply your tan, I find it best to use a headband from to ensure all your hair is out of your face and off your neck. I apply my tan with normal latex gloves as I feel a tanning mitt wastes alot of tanning product and sometimes doesnt apply flawless enough for me (but hey, I am fussy!)

I find the best tan to use is either Xen-Tan Morrocan Oil Tan, Fake Bake Original Lotion or for a cheaper yet amazing ulternative (which I am LOVING at the moment) use Amber Mist Tanning Mousse, this mousse glids on easily, doesnt have that nasty fake tan smell and goes a lovely golden colour. plus this retails for only £12!! and you can purchase it here - I find these are the best tans for coverage and for Dark even tans.

 Once I have applied my tan with the latex gloves, I then Buff in my tan with a clean tanning mitt by pating, lightly buffing and lightly rubbing my tan to ensure there are no streaks (this is originally what tanning mitts were made for instead of actually applying the tan). I find the best tanning mitt for this is from as there's are more velvet feeling instead of sponge, so they are perfect for buffing in your tan and making it look flawless! (Plus they are only £4!) 

When tanning my hands and feet, I mix ½ tan and ½ moisuriser together and lightly cover this over my hands and feet (in the way you would wash your hands) ensuring you have got well inbetween your fingers and toes. For my face, I also mix ½ tan and ½ moisturiser together and buff this into my face using my Ambermist tanning perfection brush.

Now for the fun bit, body contouring!


Apply a light coat of wash off tan down the fronts of your legs, along the arms and across the chest and your back if you desire. This will visually lenghthen and contour your limbs and accent areas with the darker shade and glistening shimmer within the tan. I recommend using Rimmels shimmer instant wash off tan.

Another summer tip is to apply the instant tan underneath your bottom for an instant bum lift and down the centre of your stomach to define your abs! If you prefer a matte look, swap your shimmer instant tan for a matte one.


This also works perfectly with a permanant tan, I prefer to use a wash off tan as I only do this for special occasions. I would also recommend using a wash off tan until you get the hang of blending it all in (it should naturally blend in quiet easy though as you would have already tanned prior to doing this) this will not work on untanned skin unless you are naturally an olive skin tone.


If you dont have time to do this whole look, you can always replace the wash off tan with a bronzer and brush this on the areas stated above. Experimenting is key to this look!

The below picture is proof of how dark and golden the AmberMist tan actually makes you. This is before I washed it off but once I did, it was still a lovely colour! You can tell from the picture I have also used the contoring technique along the middle of my shins and outsides of my legs. :-)


I hope you enjoyed this post girlies!



Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Image 26’’ Deluxe Hair Extensions

Hi Girlies,


So I have recently been doing my research on hair extensions, I have been after some Remy, mega long hair that’s thick for a reasonable price! (not much ai?!) I have read some good reviews on Image Hair Extensions so I thought I would give them a try seen as they do 26’’! (wowza!)


I opted to buy the Deluxe 26’’ Full Head set in Platinum blonde for £69.99 (what a bargain!). I received my clip in hair the next day after placing my order with them.


The Deluxe hair range is created for people with naturally thicker hair, however, I have really thin hair, I just love having glamorous, thick hair so I opted for this set. This full head set of 26" clip in extensions are hand made from the finest 100% Remy Human Hair and don’t tangle like other hair extensions I have owned. 

Image hair extensions are silky soft to the touch and are made with the finest human hair, each set weighs a massive 170 grams! Each section of these remy hair extensions have pre-attached silicone clips that will not slip or pull and are invisible once clipped in.


This set included 8 pieces of hair on 17 clips which are all double-wefted! (wow!) they can be cut, curled, straightened and styled like your normal hair. :-)


Please follow Image Hair on twitter and visit their website to see all their lovely sets!



Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Glam Nailed It UK + Discount Code!!

Hiya girlies!

Ever want really glam nails that have been hand created and look like acrylic nails but you can stick them on within 5 minutes and have amazing WOW nails immediately?
Yes... I know every girls dream!

Plus I have an exclusive 10% off discount when you purchase any set of nails from Nailed It UK! Please use discount code "shaunie10"

A company called Nailed It UK create hand created and designed stick on nails and post them out to you (in a real cute bag with a glue and a nail file!) Their nail designs range from £9.99 up to £14.99. This set I have on below retails for £11.99 (and I am completely in love for that price!)

All you have to do is visit their website, pick a set of nails you like and your size (small, medium or large) purchase them and within 1 week you will have beautiful stick on nails arrive on your door step! (That time frame is including them creating the nails and delivery.. Wow!)

Nailed It UK have a personalised section, where you can tell them exactly what you want on your nails and they can create it.. Any design, celebrity.. You name it you can have it on your nails! I played it safe and picked a set that were pre-designed, but they are still beautiful and unique. If you would like to change the colour theme on any of the nail sets, all you have to do is purchase the nails on their website and then straight after drop them an email with your order number and the colours you would like instead. :-)

I have had soo many compliments from people asking where I have had my nails done and the shock on their faces when they find out they are stick ons... These nails are excellent for certain events or nights out when you really fancy some unique nails. They are also really handy to keep in your draw for when you are having a last minute nail emergency and need some beautiful nails to pop on quickly!

I would love to see Nailed It UK bringing out some toe nail designs... (Hint hint girlies! ;-))

Please check out Nailed It UK's beautiful creations on their website and also follow them on twitter for various competitions and giveaways! @nailed_ituk

P.S Dont forget to use your discount code! "shaunie10" for 10% off any order!


Fake Tanning Brush - Amber Mist

Hiya Hunnis!

So today's post is about an amazing beauty tool that is brand new to the tanning market. I really think its going to take fake tanning to a whole new level! There a a few different ways to apply fake tan, hands, gloves, using a mitt, a back applicator, a mini face mitt, you name it I've tried them all.. Apart from this... a fake tanning perfection brush from Amber mist! (How amazing!)

So basically I always end up with a blotchy streaky face when I fake tan. I have tried mixing my face tan with moisturiser when doing my face but I find it always makes my face way too light with not enough coverage! So I was in desperate need of a flawless way to apply tan to my face and neck.

This is where Amber Mist's brush come in... This is easily the best product for applying fake tan! It feels like you are actually painting yourself a beautiful bronze colour and when you blend it in, you have no "wipe" marks or anything, it completely blends in the same way your foundation would blend in with a brush.

I don't use this brush on my whole body as I feel it would be really time consuming (hey! I see a gap in the market for a larger brush Amber Mist ;-)) trust me, this really does make tanning your face, neck, hands, and feet so much easier!

The brush its self is so silky soft, you can tell its a really good quality brush and it made the tan glide on easily. i used it with Amber Mist's foam tan as I personally feel a lotion tan might make the bristles stick together which wont make it as flawless when applying. The brush also has a little red dot in the middle, which is a guide to how much product you need on the brush (amazing idea!) a little bit of product honestly goes a long way...
The brush also has some glitzy crystals around the handle which make it look extra glam!

After every application you should wash your brush in warm water with a little soap to ensure it doesn't get clogged up and lasts you ages. :-)

This brush will be available on Amber Mist's website shortly and will retail for around £14. Please follow amber mist on twitter @Ambermist_tan and check out their website for some more lovely tanning products!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

HD brow equivalent brow routine!

Hiya girlies,

So I thought I would quickly share with you my eyebrow routine! I am always getting complimented on my brows and practically every girl I know is obsessed with having perfect brows or better yet, HD brows! I haven't yet had HD brows but this is on my "things to do list" but for now, this little routine is managing to get my brows noticed! (In a good way I hope?!) haha.

first of all, every month I go to Superdrug and get my brows threaded for £5, I find threading takes longer for the hair to grow back and they also get a more precise shape to your brows for you as a good stencil!

Now for the good bit... I then outline my eyebrows with Soap & Glory's Arch of Triumph, I only use this product to outline my brows as I like filling in my brows with power. I find this looks alot more natural but ill come onto that part in a bit. I love this pencil because its the only high street one I have come across that manages to stay on all day that has a dual highlighter within it. Once I have outlined my brows I then use the highlighter on my brow bone and blend this upwards into my eyebrow to really make them "pop!" and stand out! This pencil retails for £8 and you can purchase it from

A few tips on how to highlight the brows -:

1) Create a line of highlight below the brow and on the brow bone and then work the product in with the flat Billion Dollar Brows Smudge Brush; pushing it upwards towards the brow to create a blended and natural finish.

2) Add a touch more highlight to the brow arch area.

2) Create a line of highlight just above the brow and push the product downwards into the brow with your Billion Dollar Brows Smudge Brush and blend.

I then fill my eyebrows in with Billon Dollar Brow's eyebrow powder in colour light brown with their brow brush. Before I apply the powder I always brush my eyebrow hair upwards with the mascara wand in a "zig zag" motion like how you would apply mascara! I find this makes the powder look alot more natural when applied because it can then get to your skin instead of just sitting on the hair if that makes sense?! I find this powder is the best I have come across, 1. Because Billon Dollar Brows, as a company, have been rated alot for being the HD brow equivalent which I 100% agree with and 2. this powder is water resistant and stays on all day! Billion Dollar Brows also specialise in brow products so please check out their website! There items are gorgeous for perfect brows, I am eyeing up the brow boost serum as my next purchase from them! I also know a sneaky inside fact that Cloe Simm's from Towie uses Billion Dollar Brow products (so they must be good, right?!) The brow brush retails for £17.00 and the brow powder retails for £18.00 please visit Billion Dollar Brow's website - and follow them on twitter - @BDBrowsUK to see all of their brow products and hopefully you will get as excited as I did checking them out!

I then set my brows by brushing a bit of Natural Collections lash build mascara in colour brown. I know, I know, it's a mascara for your eyes! But I feel this works perfectly as a eyebrow mascara instead of a clear one just to set my brows in place and also add a little colour! I only purchased a cheap brown mascara to see how i got on with using it on my brows, but since falling in love with eyebrow mascaras I will now opt to buy a eyebrow specific mascara either from Billion Dollar Brows or Benefit. Eyebrow mascaras also work really well on their own, as it looks like you have just had your eyebrows tinted. This one retails for £1.99 and you can purchase this from

If you have any other brow tricks or products please let me know! :-)

Have a lovely weekend honeys!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Jimmy Choo inspired heels!

Hiya lovelys!

I'm DEAD excited about this review! Because one, its a complete steal of a bargain and two they are designer inspired and were featured in last weeks Look Magazine! (Ekk!)

So, basically I was sent these gorgeous heels from Fashion Shoe Direct as they wanted me to write an exclusive review on one of their items prior to their new website launch (which is this Friday! How exciting!) The pair I was sent were the point diamanté suede high heel court shoes. These shoes are Jimmy Choo inspired, so lady's if you're looking for a cheap alternative, here's the place! I wore these heels out on Sunday Evening, I teamed them with black wet-look leggings, a white peplum top and a black waterfall blazer. I went with the monochrome look which is so in right now! (I didn't get any pictures because I was rushing to leave the house! But when I wear the outfit again, I will defo update this post for you girlies!)

The thing I love about these shoes is they are actually so comfortable for a 4 inch heel! I was really surprised as normally I can only last in flats or platformed heels. Also, I'm loving how versatile they are, as well as the outfit I just said, you could team these with any dress etc because they have the diamanté's on the shoe (these would be fabulous for prom season girlies!) plus, my friend has already asked me if she can wear them to her sisters wedding next month! the only thing I would say, is these shoes do come up slightly small, so I would recommend getting a size up, I think it's literally because of the pointed toe!

now for the most important bit.. these retail for only £12.99!! a complete steal.. I couldn't believe how cheap these actually were!

If you would like to purchase or view their other shoes, please visit their twitter - @fashionshoe_D or their eBay site :-)

Also girlies, please keep your eye on their twitter page for the launch of their new website which I am dead excited about! :-)

Thanks hunnis! Xxxx

Friday, 3 May 2013


Hi Girlies!

So I thought I would hold a little competition/give away for you all! :-)(ekkk?!)

I have picked the following items to give away as these are products that I am LOVING right now! (Lush goodies, ready for summer!)

Once I get to 100 followers I am going to be giving away the following to celebrate!

- Vita Liberata 24ct Wash Off Tinted Self Tan Gel
- St Tropez gradual tanning spray
- Katie price instant tan shimmer lotion
- Barry M nail pant in colour 315
- superdrug Radiance SPF 15 moisturiser
- natural collection shine away foundation in colour Sand
- a tube squeezers in the shape of a pair of lips
- Bourjois eyeshadow in colour 92
- Helen E blue shimmer eye powder
- bourjois 3D effect lipgloss in colour brun magic.

These are all brand new and All worth over £70 plus FREE POSTAGE!!! So please get tweeting and sharing this giveaway!!

All you have to do is follow me on twitter @shauniegreen1 and most importantly follow my blog!

I will pick the winner at random out of a hat and notify them via twitter and announce it on my blog when I get to 100 blog followers! :-)

Good Luck Hunni’s!!

Shaunie Xxxx

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Hi Hunnis!

So it was my mum’s birthday a few days ago and she got completely spoilt rotten! I also took her on a suprise twilight spa experience at whittlebury hall which was just what we both needed! I came across Baker Days on twitter not long before my mum’s birthday and I saw they personalised cakes (perfect!) I opted to get a letterbox cake as there was only me, my brother and my mum that would of been eating it in the morning (I couldn’t wait until the family meal to scoff my face with cake!) which was perfect as the letter box cake provides 3 big slices! I also opted for the original vanilla sponge! J

When choosing the cake, there are hundreds of designs, sizes and flavours to choose from on their website, so it will take you a while to pick your perfect cake! You can choose to have a photo uploaded on to the cake with whatever text and designs you like. You can also opt for the pre-designed cakes (which I opted for, I just changed the wording on mine!)

I received my cake from Baker Days 3 days before my Mums’s birthday so it was still lovely and fresh ready for her big day!

This cake wasn’t like any shop brought cake, once you taste the cake you can tell it is freshly made because it is so light and moist, which was lovely! Baker Days say their cakes stay fresh for 2-3 weeks which is always a bonus!

Once I received the cake, I was pleasantly surprised! When you open the box you immediately see a cute round tin (which I am now using to keep all my eyelashes in!) You also are provided with a blank gift card and a cute party pack which contains 2 candles, a party blower and 3 balloons (a lovely added extra!).

If someone had send this to me I would have been really excited to discover the packs contents!
Starting from £14.99 a Baker Days’ letterbox cake is a great alternative to sending flowers, chocolates or a card to someone or if you are stuck for an idea or need a last minute gift this would be perfect considering they offer next day delivery too! You also don’t need to worry about being in to collect your parcel as it fits straight through your letterbox and you don’t need to sign for it! (brilliant!).

If you would like to purchase a Baker Day’s cake please visit their website – or follow them on twitter @bakerdays

Thanks Lovelys! Xxx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ascot Horse Races

Hiya lovelys!

So I went to Ascot horse races yesterday and had an AMAZING time! I would recommend going at least once, was such a good atmosphere and I managed to win on 5 out of 6 races! (Ekkk!) Anyway, this is just a quick post to show you all about my bargain outfit!

Pink blazer - £13 from Primark
Black shift dress - £15 from H&M
Pink wedge heels - £20 from NewLook
Tousled Hair piece - £35 from Beautyworks in colour boho blonde
Morrocan oil tan - £25 from Xen-Tan
Rose gold watch - £250 from Michael Kors
Rose gold long necklace - £12 from Next

Hope you are all enjoying the sun as much as me!! :-) xxxx


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