Saturday, 11 May 2013

HD brow equivalent brow routine!

Hiya girlies,

So I thought I would quickly share with you my eyebrow routine! I am always getting complimented on my brows and practically every girl I know is obsessed with having perfect brows or better yet, HD brows! I haven't yet had HD brows but this is on my "things to do list" but for now, this little routine is managing to get my brows noticed! (In a good way I hope?!) haha.

first of all, every month I go to Superdrug and get my brows threaded for £5, I find threading takes longer for the hair to grow back and they also get a more precise shape to your brows for you as a good stencil!

Now for the good bit... I then outline my eyebrows with Soap & Glory's Arch of Triumph, I only use this product to outline my brows as I like filling in my brows with power. I find this looks alot more natural but ill come onto that part in a bit. I love this pencil because its the only high street one I have come across that manages to stay on all day that has a dual highlighter within it. Once I have outlined my brows I then use the highlighter on my brow bone and blend this upwards into my eyebrow to really make them "pop!" and stand out! This pencil retails for £8 and you can purchase it from

A few tips on how to highlight the brows -:

1) Create a line of highlight below the brow and on the brow bone and then work the product in with the flat Billion Dollar Brows Smudge Brush; pushing it upwards towards the brow to create a blended and natural finish.

2) Add a touch more highlight to the brow arch area.

2) Create a line of highlight just above the brow and push the product downwards into the brow with your Billion Dollar Brows Smudge Brush and blend.

I then fill my eyebrows in with Billon Dollar Brow's eyebrow powder in colour light brown with their brow brush. Before I apply the powder I always brush my eyebrow hair upwards with the mascara wand in a "zig zag" motion like how you would apply mascara! I find this makes the powder look alot more natural when applied because it can then get to your skin instead of just sitting on the hair if that makes sense?! I find this powder is the best I have come across, 1. Because Billon Dollar Brows, as a company, have been rated alot for being the HD brow equivalent which I 100% agree with and 2. this powder is water resistant and stays on all day! Billion Dollar Brows also specialise in brow products so please check out their website! There items are gorgeous for perfect brows, I am eyeing up the brow boost serum as my next purchase from them! I also know a sneaky inside fact that Cloe Simm's from Towie uses Billion Dollar Brow products (so they must be good, right?!) The brow brush retails for £17.00 and the brow powder retails for £18.00 please visit Billion Dollar Brow's website - and follow them on twitter - @BDBrowsUK to see all of their brow products and hopefully you will get as excited as I did checking them out!

I then set my brows by brushing a bit of Natural Collections lash build mascara in colour brown. I know, I know, it's a mascara for your eyes! But I feel this works perfectly as a eyebrow mascara instead of a clear one just to set my brows in place and also add a little colour! I only purchased a cheap brown mascara to see how i got on with using it on my brows, but since falling in love with eyebrow mascaras I will now opt to buy a eyebrow specific mascara either from Billion Dollar Brows or Benefit. Eyebrow mascaras also work really well on their own, as it looks like you have just had your eyebrows tinted. This one retails for £1.99 and you can purchase this from

If you have any other brow tricks or products please let me know! :-)

Have a lovely weekend honeys!


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