Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

My hair gets greasy so quickly, if I wash my hair in the evening the next day my hair will start to get limp and slightly greasy towards the end of the day. So my saviour product is Dry Shampoo and nothing comes close to the well known Batiste brand - the experts in Dry Shampoo with such a varied range to suit all hair types. 

When your hair is needing a refresh, all you do is spray this all over your hair (paying perticular attention to your roots) comb through to get rid of the white powder and whaler.. fresh hair with no sign of grease at all. Another time I like to use dry shampoo is to lighten my dark roots when they start to come through, I find it helps blend the blonde in with my dark roots better and makes my roots less obvious. I also like to use dry shampoo to mattify my hair when I would like to add volume or curl my hair, it makes it so much easier to work with as sometimes with freshly washed hair it is impossible to get volume to stay as well as curls. 

I highly recommend these products, this is something I will forever repurchase. 

You can purchase your Batiste Dry Shampoo from most supermarkets and dry stores. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

OOTD S/S - Batiste Fashionista pt. 1

This is going to be quiet a fun spring/summer outfit inspired by the Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo. I think this dress is just perfect for the summer so I tried to find assesories that I thought would go lovely with it.. Every girl loves a pair of matching shoes and a unique handbag! :-)

DnG dress - £320 
Micheal kors watch - £225
DKNY necklace - £46
Miss Selfridges Gold earrings - £6
Cherry bag - xxxxx
Ebay Cherry shoes - £24.99
Top shop Red belt - £13.99 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Love your Skin

When I attended the Professional Beauty Expo in London, I came across a brand called Love Your Skin. The packaging immediately pulled me in because it reminded me of the Jo Malone packaging. I met with the lovely Lorraine - founder of Love your skin and her lovely team (who were all so welcoming and kind)

I loved how most of Love Your Skins products were gel based. I prefer putting gel/water based products on my skin as I feel they sink in better, your skin will always thank you for putting water based products onto your skin. 

After looking at all of the products they had to offer, I decided on two and picked up the Collegen Gel and the Face Spritz. I have been after a face spritz for quite sometime now. I travel into London a lot for work and spraying this in my face throughout the day has really helped me freshen up, it's so light and refreshing that it gives me an instant pick me up. Perfect for you daily commuters like myself! I have also used this on some cotton wool pads after a long day in the office to take my makeup off on the train home (I know it's not meant for this, but it still did the job well!) you can pick this up from 

The next product I picked up was the Collegen Gel, I am in love with this stuff (along with my mother) so this will definatly be a repurchase. As you can see, this product is a gel formula which you can use all over your body or just on your face, when you apply this gel to you, it rubs in easily and feels like water... No signs of a sticky thick gel which you find with most body gels. It sinks in super quick so you can get dressed straight away and it makes your skin feel silky smooth. This is such a versatile product, I like to use it after hair removal to sooth my skin and I find by doing this I'm not left with them harsh shaving dots. You can pick this product up from

please check out love your skin's other products they are so luxurious for such a reasonable price!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Elemis Face & Body Indulgence

Every time I go to the spa I always lust over the Elemis sets and how beautifully fragranced they are as well as being known to be a premium beauty brand. So when I saw this collection on QVC for £61 I thought it was a fabulous bargain considering the contents worth. Now I have tried Elemis, I will defiantly be repurchasing some of their goodies once I run out of these. It’s really hard to narrow down my favourite products from this set, but my top two have to be the Deep Cleansing Balm and the Frangipani Monoi Body Oil. These are both quite unique products and I have really enjoyed using these because they have made my skin super smooth. They both have a relaxing fragrance to them which tends to really relax me and set me up for a good night’s sleep after using them. The scent of the Elemis products reminds me a little of the Johnsons Baby Night Time Bubble Bath (everyone loves that scent don’t they!?)

The other products in the set are just as luxurious and have the gorgeous Elemis scent to them. The bath Milk literally looks like milk and gives you lovely fluffy bubbles. I have also noticed a little goes a long way with Elemis products, you really don’t need much!


The Cleansing Balm is applied directly to your face and then massaged off with a warm flannel, its super easy to use and takes minutes which I like, as I’m quiet lazy when it comes to my skin care routine. This product also removes all traces of my makeup and makes my face feel fresh and smooth!


The Frangipani Monoi Body Oil comes in a quirky red bottle, the formula hardens in room temperature but to turn it back into an oil all you have to do is place the bottle in a bowl of warm water and it will turn back – magic! When you apply the oil it feels so relaxing because it is warm where you have had to heat it up. The oil is none greasy,  super moisturising and smells fab! I like to use this oil on my strech marks too, as whilst I was watching QVC they said its really good for reducing these. This product is such a multi-purpose solution because you can use it in your hair as a ‘dry ends’ treatment, on your nails as a cutical treatment, on your skin to moisurise, on your strechmarks to reduce visability and in your bath for a relaxing bath oil. QVC also mentioned you can use this on your baby’s skin because it  has gentle, skin nourishing ingredients within it.


You can purchase various Elemis products from QVC at – they have the most beautiful gift sets!

Yankee Candle Bundle

I’m sure I speak for most girls when I say this but I am absolutely obsessed with Yankee Candles so I got rather excited when I saw QVC had an amazing deal on for 3 large Yankee candles for £41! I find, Yankee Candles are the only candles that make your room smell like the fragrance of the candle. Most lower end candles smell ok in the jar, but when lit, you don’t get any smell from them at all. I also love the fact that Yankee Candle release limited edition candles for each season of the year as well as their usual range of unique and lovely smelling candles! QVC collaborate with Yankee Candle quiet a lot, however, you need to move quick if you want to order one of their ‘Yankee Candle Deal Sets’ because they seem to sell out super fast! QVC sell various Yankee Candle packages including wax tarts, tea light candles, jar candles and various other YC goodies! You can purchase your Yankee Candle bargain sets from QVC for between £15 and £45. Please visit

P.S I wish I could show you have amazing these three candles smell.. My all time favorite smells are Black Cherry, Clean Cotton and Vanilla Lime. Perfect to get you in the mood for the summer months! :-) 

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