Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fashion Shoes Direct

So this review is going to be on a pair of little beauties from FashionShoesDirect this is a store on Ebay, they are also on twitter, amazon and Facebook so please like their pages! :-)

I found fashion shoe direct on twitter, and after looking at their eBay page I couldn't believe how cheap their shoes were! You can pick up a pair of dolly pumps for £3.99!! (What a steal!?) these would be great for keeping in your bag for the end of a night out or for work etc! They have recently added flipflops for £3.99 also!

I recently was sent the cork strappy buckle wedges in colour off white which retail for £19.99. I opted to get these wedges as I feel they are very versatile and I can dress them up and down! For example, yesterday I wore them with a maxi dress by the lake and on Wednesday I am dressing them up and wearing them to Ascot horse races with a shift dress, statement jewellery and a blazer!

I'm usually awful in heels, but because these are a wedge my feet managed to last all day in them! They also have a platform at the front which makes the heel not as high so this saves your feet also!

Overall I am so pleased with these wedges, the quality really is amazing for such a bargain price. I was also amazed at how quick delivery took. (2 days!!) I'd definitely recommend purchasing from this shop.

If you would like to purchase, please visit their twitter - @fashionshoe_D or their eBay site :-)

P.s if your quick, today fashionshoedirect have 10% off purchases! (It would be rude not too!) ;-)

Lots of love! Xxx

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bella Loretta - Stick On Nails

So it is my 21st birthday next weekend and I was going to get some acrylic nails done, until I came across Bella Loretta on twitter, I saw a few pictures of her work and feedback from others saying how amazing her false nail designs were. I then thought I HAD to order some of these nails after seeing that she had a 21st birthday design! And WOW, WOW, WOW!! Why have I not heard/tried these nails sooner?!? AMAZING is how I can sum up her work!

Loretta is a fully qualified nail technician based in basildon, essex. Her personal description on her facebook pages states that she is a fully qualified nail artist and is a recognised celebrity nail artist as she has worked on people such as Kerry katona, TOWIE cast, Nicola McLean and beverly knight, plus many more. (amazing!)

First of all, let me start with the customer service.. I messaged loretta saying I was interested in purchasing some nails, She then asked for my house address and sent me out various sizes and shapes of nails, (which arrived within 2 days!) once I received these I had to try them for size and post them back to loretta with the sizes of my nails and which design I would like and also if I would like the nail to be curved, square or stiletto! (sounds great already doesn't it?!) I choose to opt for a 21st design i had seen on her twitter page in the stiletto shape as this is bang on trend at the moment! I then sent Loretta the payment for the nails (for this set it is £25 and that includes delivery!) she started to get to work on my nails and I received them within a week. I was so impressed with the time scale and customer service alone! Once I received the nails I couldn't believe how amazing they were!! For £25 I thought these were an amazing buy as these can be used over and over, considering you don't get ones specific to an event like I did.. (oh well I will just have to buy more!) also they are personalised to you, so no one will have matching nails to you which makes them brilliant if you want to get them for a specific event like i did. they are also very eye catching, practically everyone that looked at my hands has complimented on my nails and asked for loretta's details! the price is very reasonable considering they are hand made and also you would be supporting a local business and a very talented lady!

The nails them selves are amazing, the picture below says it all! they are very durable and feel/look like you are wearing acrylic nails due to the thickness. They come on a sticky nail pad to keep them in place and also the packaging they come in is so sweet (please see below picture). Loretta also sends you some sticky tabs too incase you don't want to use nail glue you can use these instead. The nails also come with instructions on how to use and care for your nail in case you are a false nail newbie!

If you are second guessing buying this product because of the price considering they are only going to be stick on nails, I recommend that you take the risk and do it! You will honestly not regret it, the nails can be used over and over again and they seriously feel like you are wearing a full set of acrylic nails (I'm presuming this is because you send loretta your nail sizes so she can get you an accurate fit).

If you would like to order/view loretta's nails please visit her twitter page - @Bella_Loretta, her facebook page - Bella Loretta and her email address -

Ordering is so easy all you need to do is send loretta and email stating you are interested in purchasing her nails, prices range from £20 - £25 depending on the amount of nail art and crystals you want. She will then send you out the sizing nail pack and an information booklet that you need to fill in with the designs and sizes you would like. Once you have posted this back to loretta and sent her the payment via bank transfer she will get to work on your nails and you will receive these in under 10 days.



Models own - snowflake varnish

I've wanted to try a Models Own nail polish for a while now, so after reading a blogpost about their new 'Wonderland Collection' I knew I had to buy one. I opted for 'Snowflakes', a clear-ish glitter polish with iridescent foil flakes, which immediately caught my eye.

I found the flakes quite big so it was difficult to position them on the nail without any overlap. They also dry with a flaky 3D texture (no one likes the feeling of flaky nails), so I used a clear topcoat to give a smoother more polished finish. In the below picture I have used 3 coats.

My only down fall with this product is it takes AGES to dry, so be prepared to wait around for them to dry! Although, it is worth it when it's finished :-) Also, make sure between each layer the vanish is completely dry, if not at the end it wont set and will turn into a thick blob that you will be able to just rub off which will never set, so it's important to make sure all coats ate dry in between layers and you don't make them too thick!

I cannot wait to try this over other nail polish colours! especially some pastel shades and black!! I would highly recommend this product! As you can jazz up any nail colour!!

This retail at £5 and you can buy it online at

From News to Fashion - Nail Design

So I saw online a girl was transferring prints to her nails, so I thought I would give it ago with newspaper! it's such a fab idea, and so much easier than it looks!

All you need is nail varnish for your base colour (a light colour is probably best); some alcohol, vodka or surgical spirit is fine; An old newspaper and top coat/clear nail varnish.

1. Paint your nails with your chosen colour, I used Illamasqua nail varnish in 'load'.
2. Once your nails are dry dip them in the alcohol.
3. Then take the section of news paper you're going to use to make the print (it needs to be big enough to cover the entire area) and press it onto the nail.
4. Slowly peel off the paper.
5. Gently paint over a generous amount of top coat, (I got mine from Sparkly Nails) being careful not to smudge the design. This will help it last longer and stop the design from being rubbed off!

If you wanted to be even more creative, I'm sure there are other materials you can transfer onto your nails also! Once I have had a play around, I will post an update!

And finally...go and show off your new nails!


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