Thursday, 27 February 2014

Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Glam Tan

Laurens Way are releasing a new Tanning product called Darker Than Dark Glam Tan* which you will be able to get your hands on in March 2014. I have been a big fan of Laurens Way tanning products for the past year now, I used to use Xen-Tan Moroccan Oil Tan, but since they put the prices up on their website I couldn’t justify the price tag when I can get a similar result for cheaper.

I am a big fan of a really deep, dark olive tan which I have found the Darker Than Darker tanning range by Laurens Way to be fabulous at achieving so when I received the Darker than Dark Glam Tan I couldn’t wait to pop it on!


First of all I prepped my skin my exfoliating in the shower with the LW body polish, this product isn’t too harsh that it will make you red, but ‘gritty’ enough to get rid of your dead skin (lovely!). Once I had dried, I then sprayed the Glam Tan on my body and blended it into my skin by using my tanning mitt. For my hands, feet, elbows and face I sprayed the tan onto the tanning mitt first instead of directly onto my skin, so it wasn’t so dark on these areas – for a more natural look.

          (Picture of before and after)


The results of this tan are exactly the same as the other tan’s in the darker than dark range – so dark! After just a few hours too, this is going to be my summer tan as it really looks like I have just got back from the Mediterranean! (I can dream..) I love the formula of this tan, it’s so easy to work with because it doesn’t dry too quickly or take ages to dry because I managed to get dressed after 10 minutes of tanning. The smell is also fab – no signs of the typical fake tan smell. To prolong my tan, I have been using the LW Moisturiser, which had defiantly helped keep my colour as well as keeping my body moistured with a light scent.


Laurens Way have announced that they are going to be launching their tanning range in Superdrug as of the 9th March 2014, making easier to pick up this tan instead of having to order it online. Karly Oranin, Cosmetics and Bronzing Buyer at Superdrug said: “2014 is the year for home tanning, and here at Superdrug we are really excited to be a stockist of LW Tan. The brand really resonates with our customers, whether they are looking for an everyday glow or a deeply bronzed look.


You will be able to pick the Darker than Dark Glam Tan* up for £19.95 from Superdrug and as of March 2014.

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  1. Oh wow this looks like such an amazing tan. It really does look natural, like you said, you could so pass off as have been on holiday to the Med :) xx



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