Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dirtylooks - Hair Extensions

So recently I went back to a dark blonde colour which means I needed new hair extensions! I normally go for the Beauty Works synthetic volumizer as this is mega thick and I can never find any real hair extensions that are really thick without having to wear two full heads until I came across Dirtylooks. I am very optimistic about buying hair extensions online because 1. I want to get a perfect colour match and 2. I want to ensure they are the right thickness. 

Dirtylooks fix these two "online hair extension worries" by offering a free colour match service, all you have to do is send them a photo of your hair and they match it up for you. This is what they did for me, and they got it spot on by just a picture, I was so surprised! They also have a video on their homepage which shows the thickness of the HK full head hair extension set* - I was sold at how thick they looked!

First of all, I received my hair within 2 days after ordering and when I did receive them, they came in a gorgeous lilac box - a lovely added extra. I also liked the fact that Dirtylooks have separated a section of hair into a seperate wallet, meaning you can colour match your extensions first before opening the big section as once you have opened the big section you cannot return or swap the hair. A perfect added bonus to reassure you online hair buyers.

Within the box you receive a "how to" guide, each hair extension strip is labeled with a number and within this booklet it shows u where each section is meant to go on your head. There is also further information on how to care for your hair, style them and wash them (Perfect for beginners).

I went for the full head set in lengh 24" - 26" in colour manhattan highlights which retail for £142.49, currently on offer at £124.99. I know this seems a lot, but trust me the quality is there, the hair is super smooth due to being real Remi hair and VERY thick. I have straightened my set, curled them and backcombed them in a hair up style and they have hardly shredded at all so I know they are going to last. 

Normal full head sets of hair extensions are usually around the 100 gram mark, Where as this set is 180 grams of real Remi hair (wow!) Just look how thick my hair looks... my hair is shoulder length so anything from the bottom of my neck, downwards, is all extensions. I had so many compliments on how natural my hair looked and no one could believe they were clip ins, one of my friends actually asked if I had easy lock hair extentions fitted (which really made my day as these are the ones Katie Price and various other celebrity's have!!) 

Overall I am really impressed and would definatly repurchase these. If you want thick hair and are fussy with the quality and thickness of your extensions but want really long hair, then have a look into Dirtylooks as I am all of the above and have found my match! 

You can view Dirtylooks hair range by visiting - www.dirtylooks.com if your still having doubts, check out their video on the homepage as to how thick these sets actually are. 

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  1. Good thing you’ve found the right product for your hair, Shaunie! It’s kinda hard to look for extensions that suit your natural hair. Thanks to various choices now being offered on the Internet, consumers are given lots of options to choose from. You look fabulous, by the way. Enjoy your hair extensions! :)

    Tommy Clark



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