Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Glam Nailed It UK + Discount Code!!

Hiya girlies!

Ever want really glam nails that have been hand created and look like acrylic nails but you can stick them on within 5 minutes and have amazing WOW nails immediately?
Yes... I know every girls dream!

Plus I have an exclusive 10% off discount when you purchase any set of nails from Nailed It UK! Please use discount code "shaunie10"

A company called Nailed It UK create hand created and designed stick on nails and post them out to you (in a real cute bag with a glue and a nail file!) Their nail designs range from £9.99 up to £14.99. This set I have on below retails for £11.99 (and I am completely in love for that price!)

All you have to do is visit their website, pick a set of nails you like and your size (small, medium or large) purchase them and within 1 week you will have beautiful stick on nails arrive on your door step! (That time frame is including them creating the nails and delivery.. Wow!)

Nailed It UK have a personalised section, where you can tell them exactly what you want on your nails and they can create it.. Any design, celebrity.. You name it you can have it on your nails! I played it safe and picked a set that were pre-designed, but they are still beautiful and unique. If you would like to change the colour theme on any of the nail sets, all you have to do is purchase the nails on their website and then straight after drop them an email with your order number and the colours you would like instead. :-)

I have had soo many compliments from people asking where I have had my nails done and the shock on their faces when they find out they are stick ons... These nails are excellent for certain events or nights out when you really fancy some unique nails. They are also really handy to keep in your draw for when you are having a last minute nail emergency and need some beautiful nails to pop on quickly!

I would love to see Nailed It UK bringing out some toe nail designs... (Hint hint girlies! ;-))

Please check out Nailed It UK's beautiful creations on their website and also follow them on twitter for various competitions and giveaways!
www.nailedituk.com @nailed_ituk

P.S Dont forget to use your discount code! "shaunie10" for 10% off any order!



  1. Those nails are amazing! Beautiful
    Adela x


    1. I know! Their so gorgeous :-) checking your blog out now xxx



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