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How to Apply and Contour your body with Fake Tan

Hiya Girlies,

A body contouring tan is not just for a-listers and celebrities, you can easily achieve a sculpted look at home and make yourself look slimmer and more toned by just popping some fake tan on! (magical!)

First of all, always prep your skin. I find when I don’t prep my skin, the tan clogs up and streaks easy so exfoliating is essential. Exfoliate your skin with a scrub, I recommend using bodyshops sugar scrub with an exfoliating glove from


After you have exfoliated your skin, moisturise your skin with a very light coat of your normal moisturiser, this ensures everywhere is nicely moisturied so the tan glides on easily. Ensure you put heavier coats of moisturiser on your elbows and knees, ankles and your drier areas.


Its then time to apply your tan, I find it best to use a headband from to ensure all your hair is out of your face and off your neck. I apply my tan with normal latex gloves as I feel a tanning mitt wastes alot of tanning product and sometimes doesnt apply flawless enough for me (but hey, I am fussy!)

I find the best tan to use is either Xen-Tan Morrocan Oil Tan, Fake Bake Original Lotion or for a cheaper yet amazing ulternative (which I am LOVING at the moment) use Amber Mist Tanning Mousse, this mousse glids on easily, doesnt have that nasty fake tan smell and goes a lovely golden colour. plus this retails for only £12!! and you can purchase it here - I find these are the best tans for coverage and for Dark even tans.

 Once I have applied my tan with the latex gloves, I then Buff in my tan with a clean tanning mitt by pating, lightly buffing and lightly rubbing my tan to ensure there are no streaks (this is originally what tanning mitts were made for instead of actually applying the tan). I find the best tanning mitt for this is from as there's are more velvet feeling instead of sponge, so they are perfect for buffing in your tan and making it look flawless! (Plus they are only £4!) 

When tanning my hands and feet, I mix ½ tan and ½ moisuriser together and lightly cover this over my hands and feet (in the way you would wash your hands) ensuring you have got well inbetween your fingers and toes. For my face, I also mix ½ tan and ½ moisturiser together and buff this into my face using my Ambermist tanning perfection brush.

Now for the fun bit, body contouring!


Apply a light coat of wash off tan down the fronts of your legs, along the arms and across the chest and your back if you desire. This will visually lenghthen and contour your limbs and accent areas with the darker shade and glistening shimmer within the tan. I recommend using Rimmels shimmer instant wash off tan.

Another summer tip is to apply the instant tan underneath your bottom for an instant bum lift and down the centre of your stomach to define your abs! If you prefer a matte look, swap your shimmer instant tan for a matte one.


This also works perfectly with a permanant tan, I prefer to use a wash off tan as I only do this for special occasions. I would also recommend using a wash off tan until you get the hang of blending it all in (it should naturally blend in quiet easy though as you would have already tanned prior to doing this) this will not work on untanned skin unless you are naturally an olive skin tone.


If you dont have time to do this whole look, you can always replace the wash off tan with a bronzer and brush this on the areas stated above. Experimenting is key to this look!

The below picture is proof of how dark and golden the AmberMist tan actually makes you. This is before I washed it off but once I did, it was still a lovely colour! You can tell from the picture I have also used the contoring technique along the middle of my shins and outsides of my legs. :-)


I hope you enjoyed this post girlies!




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