Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fake Tanning Brush - Amber Mist

Hiya Hunnis!

So today's post is about an amazing beauty tool that is brand new to the tanning market. I really think its going to take fake tanning to a whole new level! There a a few different ways to apply fake tan, hands, gloves, using a mitt, a back applicator, a mini face mitt, you name it I've tried them all.. Apart from this... a fake tanning perfection brush from Amber mist! (How amazing!)

So basically I always end up with a blotchy streaky face when I fake tan. I have tried mixing my face tan with moisturiser when doing my face but I find it always makes my face way too light with not enough coverage! So I was in desperate need of a flawless way to apply tan to my face and neck.

This is where Amber Mist's brush come in... This is easily the best product for applying fake tan! It feels like you are actually painting yourself a beautiful bronze colour and when you blend it in, you have no "wipe" marks or anything, it completely blends in the same way your foundation would blend in with a brush.

I don't use this brush on my whole body as I feel it would be really time consuming (hey! I see a gap in the market for a larger brush Amber Mist ;-)) trust me, this really does make tanning your face, neck, hands, and feet so much easier!

The brush its self is so silky soft, you can tell its a really good quality brush and it made the tan glide on easily. i used it with Amber Mist's foam tan as I personally feel a lotion tan might make the bristles stick together which wont make it as flawless when applying. The brush also has a little red dot in the middle, which is a guide to how much product you need on the brush (amazing idea!) a little bit of product honestly goes a long way...
The brush also has some glitzy crystals around the handle which make it look extra glam!

After every application you should wash your brush in warm water with a little soap to ensure it doesn't get clogged up and lasts you ages. :-)

This brush will be available on Amber Mist's website shortly and will retail for around £14. Please follow amber mist on twitter @Ambermist_tan and check out their website for some more lovely tanning products! www.ambermist.com



  1. very interesting blog,especially i like to these pictures and Fake Tan

  2. Thank you sweetie! :) it's a genius idea! Xx



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