Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Reem Tan In A Can*

So as you all know I am a slight fake tanaholic and I love TOWIE, so when I saw their was a self tan called reem tan it was like a match made in heaven! I have wanted to try a spray self tan for a while now, as I always stick to gel or lotion tans. I also want to try a mousse tan as I've heard these are mega easy to apply.

First impressions, is how smart and luxurious the packaging looks. It's not a cheap plastic bottle, it's a metal tin can, like a hair spray can put a lot better, it reminds me of a cocktail mixer! Lol! 

Before I applied this tan I sprayed it on to a cotton wool bud so I could see if it had that typical biscuit fake tan smell we all hate, fortunately it smelt like perfume, I can't explain to well how it smells but it's not over powering, it's a light fragrance and it doesn't smell biscuity (woo!)

I sprayed this all over my body lightly, I liked how the can is a 360 can, which means it works even when you have the can upside down! A fake tanners dream, their is nothing worst than the tan only working whilst upright, makes self tanning really difficult! After I applied the light coat, I then buffed it in with a tanning mitt to make sure I didn't miss anywhere. The mist comes out in a brown colour which is fab because it gives you a guide colour and it's perfect for a last minute tan if you need immediate colour. As the colour developed it started getting even darker and gave me such an olive colour, the above after picture does the tan no justice. I find photographing fake tan always looks lighter than it is and that picture was also before it developed further. I was amazed with how dark I had actually gone in 3 hours, this product reminds me so much of the Fake Bake Tan In A Can but for a fraction of the price. I decided to wait 6 hours before washing it off, and when I did hardly any of the product washed away, I think this is down to it being a spray tan, you don't apply as must product so there isn't as much to wash away. 

I would defiantly recommend this product for those of you that like a deep dark tan, I have this in 12%, there is one higher than this which I think would be MEGA dark, so I'm going to give that one a go, and also a few with a lower percent which would be good for those of you that like more of a golden tan or a gradual tan. 

You can purchase this from you can pick up two bottles of 200ml for only £18.99 (wow!!)


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