Monday, 14 October 2013

Vivo blusher palette*

Hi Honeys,


So I’m really excited to show you this blusher palette that I have been completely smitten with since I received it.


The Vivo palette in ‘show me yours and i’ll..’ has 2 blushers within it, 1 cream and 1 powder and also a highlighter. The highlighter is a rose gold colour and is absolutely gorgeous. I have been using this literally every day since I received it over bronzer or over the blushers within the palette. The other two are pretty much the same colour but one is a cream and one is a powder, perfect for teaming them together! The colour of the blushers is a light pinky/beige colour. Its gorgeous, I really like using it on tanned skin to lighten up my cheeks for that dewy look or for when I don’t have a tan, it looks lovely on my pale skin to give me a wash of colour for the rosey cheek look. – perfect for this A/W in our knitted hat and scalf! I actually prefer the cream blusher to the highly raved about bourjois cream blushers. I find the bourjous cream blushers are hard to work with as they are so thick, whereas this one is super light and moisturising that you can pick it up on a stippling brush and apply it to your cheeks, it blends in mega easy – like a moisturiser!


This retails for £5.99 and you can purchase this from Vivo’s along with a whole lot of other cheap and cheerful goodies! Next on my list is one if their eye-shadow palette – so perdy!




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