Friday, 8 November 2013

Cocoa Brown Tan* & Tough Stuff*

Recently a new self tanning range launched in Superdrug, I was really interested in trying this out because 1, its PINK! And 2, I have heard many good things about this brand and because they are based in Ireland it was difficult for me to get hold of their products, now they are in the UK we have no excuses!! :-)


The brand is Cocoa Brown Tan* by Marissa Carter. It comes in a gorgeous Barbie pink bottle, unlike most fake tan’s that are in a brown bottle. I have been meaning to try out a mousse tan for quite a while and I saw this one develops in 1 hour! I also liked the cute bag I received the tan in, a lovely added extra.


I also received a tough stuff exfoliator*, which smells absolutely gorgeous and of course, this is also pink! I found this to exfoliate my skin really well as well as making me smell beautiful so I will defiantly be purchasing the full sized bottle of this and trading in my trusted Xen-Tan body exfoliator. The reason? I think the packaging looks better in my bathroom, it smells a lot better (like raspberrys) and did I mention, its pink?! This product can also be used to remove your tan, I haven’t tried this yet, but it got rid of all my dead skin (nice!) really well, so I’m presuming it will be really effective based on that.


Once I had prepped my skin, I then applied the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan 150ml*. First of all, I noticed the smell, this doesn’t smell like any normal tan and has a summery fragrant smell to it, like piña colada coctails! perfect for people that want to feel slightly more exotic in this horrible dark grey winter weather! Next, I noticed the guide colour, this would be great to use on its own, if you wanted to go on a night out, this really makes your skin dark without looking orange (just make sure you check the weather before you go, you don’t want to get rained on and look patchy!)


After one hour, I washed the tan off and I had a light tan, I could notice the difference but it wasn’t as dark as I would have liked (I like having a super dark tan), this would be great for auburn haired girls who can’t risk going to dark or orange and also great for really fair skinned girls. I decided to reapply the tan, this time leaving it on all night  and this was how I got the result above after washing it off. (how gorgeous!?) such a deep tone and everyone complimented on my tan and how natural it looked. Because this is a mousse tan, it was sooo easy to apply and moisturising and because of the guide colour it was very hard to streak the tan which is always great, I have had the tan on for 6 days now and it has faded really evenly and I still have some colour.


You can pick this tan up from Superdrug for £7.99 (how great is that?!) they also have a day & night tan which I wish to try next as well as getting a full sized bottle of the tough stuff and obviously the bright pink tanning mitt!


  1. I've heard such great things about this and desperately want to try it now! x


    1. Oh it's fab for the price! Smells like piña coladas and looks so pretty on your dressing table. :-) xx



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