Monday, 25 November 2013

HD Brow Eyebrow pencil gift set*

I have finally found an eyebrow pencil that works with my sparce eyebrows! I have always struggled to make my eyebrows look natural because they have a few gaps within them where hair won't grow, I need to pencil or powder them in everyday. I either have the problem that eyebrow pencils have a waxy feel or are too thick and make your eyebrows look too false and drawn on. I wanted to achieve a natural looking full brow where it looks like I'm not wearing anything on them. 

These HD brow pencils are literally mirical workers. The tip of the pencil is flat, but unlike other eyebrow pencils you don't use it by the tip, you use the side instead, which gives you very fine hair like strokes.  These pencils arnt sharpened like normal pencils, they have a small string sticking out, and when you want to sharpen the pencil you pull down on the string to reveal some more pencil, and then sharpen the actual pencil led with a knife. How cool is that as well as being super practical! 

When applying this pencil you literally do it like your drawing individual hairs onto your eyebrows. You can do this by drawing small light strokes throughout your eyebrows instead of drawing on the whole eyebrows, this will give you more of a natural looking brow. 

In this set you receive a brown eyebrow pencil which is buildable because of the fine stroke technique you use when applying and a black eyebrow pencil. I like to use the black pencil on my eyes to outline them because the tip is so thin it gives me such a fine line. 

This HD brows gift set is  currently on sale for a bargain price of £14.95. The reason I say bargain is because these pencils are normally £11.95 each. 

If you are stuck for buying anyone a luxurious, inexpensive gift this Christmas, I think this set is worth looking in to. Every women I know wants lovely brows so this would be perfect for any age range. 

You can purchase this gift set along with various other Christmas gift sets and products from (they also have free delivery on at the moment!) 


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