Saturday, 16 November 2013

Huge Lush Haul

So today I managed to get something out of my system that has been long over due. Today I went a little crazy in lush and it felt GREAT! 

I have been eyeing up a few things from lush and today I had that F it attitude and thought I'd get a big trip to lush out of my system. My theory? I've only ever bought 3 items from lush before and it's the winter so I'll be having a lot more baths! 

Anyway, the items I got were: 

The Christmas penguin bubble bar
Candy mountain bubble bar 
Golden wonder ballistic 
Bombardino ballistic
Secret Santa ballistic 
Luxury lush pud ballistic
Star light star bright bath melt
Melting marshmellows moment bath melt
You've been mangoed bath melt
Ceridwyns cauldron bath melt
Snow fairy sparkle massage bar

I will post a new post once I have got round to trying these out, reviewing the items and showing you how they look in the bath, so keep your eyes pealed! 

Bubble bars are bars that you crumble user running warm water and they foam and create lovely bubbles in your bath.

Massage bars are little bars that you rub over your skin and they turn to oil very quickly, moisturising your skin.

Bath melts are bars that you pop into a warm bath and they make your bath a creamy texture and make your skin silky smooth with the cocoa butter that's within them. 

Ballistic's are bath bombs, you pop these into your bath and they change the colour if your bath and make it smell amazing. 

All of Lush's items are handmade, animal cruelty free and made from natural products meaning they are super good for your skin and the environment! 


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