Friday, 31 January 2014

Lush Cosmetics - impulse purchases

literally cannot walk past Lush without strolling in and having a browse. I saw they had their valentines range out but somehow I managed to sway myself away from purchasing any of these apart from one product.. The Close to you massage bar I fell in love with Lush's Christmas fairy massage bar as I loved the smell, it was exactly like the body wash "snow fairy" the only downside was that the Christmas fairy massage bar was a bright pink colour so whenever I used it the colour would trasport onto my skin. This is why I love the close to you massage bar, because it smells exactly like the Christmas fairy massage bar, but because it's a lighter pink it doesn't stain your skin and leave you with an awkward Mr. Blobby tint!

I like to use this after I get out the bath by rubbing it all over my body and letting the oil soak in for 5 minutes before getting into my PJ's! When I wake up in he morning, my skin smells so good as well as being really soft and hydrated! 

The next product I purchased was the Lush Lipstick in charm. First of all, how cute is this packaging and name tag? This is originally what attracted me to the lipstick, but once I tried it I knew it needed to be mine! It glides on so easily and lasts for a few hours before I need to touch it up. I also love the fact that all Lush's products are 100% natural, it means you haven't got to worry about putting any nasty's on to your body. 

You can purchase either if these products from your local Lush store or via their website - 

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  1. I love lush too. Actually it's more borderline obsessed now -_- But great reviews, I shall definitely give them a try now :)



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