Friday, 31 January 2014

RVB & Resultime Skincare

Lately I have really been getting into my skincare, one of my new year’s resolutions was to start taking care of my body better, this including my skin as I never used to look after it, the closest I would get was piling tons of fake tan on (which I know, isn’t the best for your skin!) when Roxanne from Frasermuir asked if I would be interested in sampling some high end products, how can I say no?! - I am only going to review 3 products that really wowed me out of the bundle Roxanne sent me as I only want to review products that I really love! 

First up is the RVB 24hr multi moustrising cream* (which I haven't got a picture of as I stupidly used it all before taking pictures!) this smells soooo good, like a spa facial  – but not too overpowering! I really like this face cream and I will be asking for the full size bottle for my birthday as my mum has asked me for a few ideas and this will defiantly be on the list. I find my skin is really moisturised when I was up in the morning and so soft after using this, it also blends really well without feeling too cakey or oily on the skin. The perfect combo for me to start my new skin care venture! This retails for £49.50 and you can only purchase this from appointed stockists which you can find here or over the phone my calling01767682288.


Next is the Resultime Micellar Cleansing Water*. After really enjoying using the loreal Miceller water, I thought I would compare the two. First of all, I can really notice the difference between this high end product to the loreal drug store product. The Resultime Miceller water is literally like applying water to the skin and removes my makeup really easily without stinging my eyes or making my skin feel sensitive – perfect! Whereas, with the loreal Miceller Water I found it slightly more oily and it stung my eyes a little when I was sweeping it over my eyes to remove my mascara. The Result Micellar Cleansing Water retails for £19.50 (its defiantly worth this price tag in my eyes). You can purchase it from their website and appointed stockists (which can be found via their website on the salon finder tab)


Finally, I really enjoyed using the RVB OM   Regenirating Scrub*. oh my this is AMAZING for getting fake tan off. It smells really luxurious too, so I feel like I’ve had a really good pamper session after using this. The reason why I am rating this so much for getting fake tan off is because its quiet grainy so its perfect for scrubbing your tan off but on top of that, its not oily at all (something the bodyshop scrubs are – even though I love these, they are horrible to use just before fake tanning). So when you get out of the shower, you can apply another fresh layer of fake tan without it going VERY patchy and horrible because oil based products and fake tan = a patchy mess! This scrub retails for £36.00 and you can only purchase this from appointed stockists which you can find here or over the phone my calling01767682288.


After using these products, I can really notice the difference to drug store and am now a convert, you really do get what you pay for!


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