Monday, 7 April 2014

Diet Chef - week 1

On the 31st May 2014 I have my Aunties wedding and I was over the moon when she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. Unfortunately for me, the other bridesmaids are tiny. Sizes 6 and 8! And then there’s me, a size 14. When we had the bridesmaid fitting I knew I needed to drop a dress size as compared to the others, it made me really stand out and look a lot bigger. I needed a quick solution that would make me drop at least a dress size in 2 months.. I looked into various diets and ended up picking the Diet Chef diet. What swayed me to picking Diet Chef was the fact everything is delivered to your door for the month. 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners and 28 snacks – perfect. All you need to add is your 2 fruit portions and 3 vegetable portions (I tend to add 1 piece of fruit on to my breakfast and 1 piece of fruit on to my lunch. I then add 3 portions of vegetables to my dinner to bulk it up into the size of a normal dinner portion.)  I’m a very much ‘on the go’ sort of girl and don’t really have time to plan in my meals, I need something quick and easy. With Diet Chef all the meals heat up in the microwave in under 4 minutes which is brilliant for me as I am very lazy when it comes to planning and preparing my meals. I know.. I’m going to make someone a lovely house wife one day.. not! I am going to keep you updated weekly over the next month with how I do, what I eat and how I find it each week.


I was very impressed with how easy it was to order the meals, you can pick exactly what meals you would like to receive and they deliver your parcel to you within 5 working days. You can order yours from for £245 per a month (I know this seems a lot, but when you think about it that’s all your food shopping done for the month!)


So week one down and this is how I got on...


Day 1 –

Muesli cereal bar, coffee and a banana for breakfast – this was surprisingly quiet filling, I normally miss breakfast so this really did set me up for the day.

Bacon & Bean soup and an orange for lunch – This soup was so yummy, it had chucks of vegetables and beans within it which made it filling, this soup reminded me of the Covent Garden Soups as it had so many chucks within it.

 Salt and vinegar popcorn for my snack – this is quiet a big bag of popcorn so I was really happy to open this up at 3pm!

Sausages in gravy sweet corn, carrots and cabbage for dinner – the sausage’s tasted like proper sausages in gravy – again a very good meal.


Very impressed with my first day on Diet Chef, I didn’t go hungry at all at had a few compliments in the office on how good my soup smelt and looked!


Day 2 -

Breakfast - oat and fruit cookie (so yummy!) 

Lunch - carrot and bean soup 

Snack - maple popcorn (the first item I haven't been that keen on..)

dinner - lasagne and salad - this was delicious!

Day 3 - 

Breakfast - oat and fruit cookie and a banana 

Lunch - bacon and bean soup and an orange 

Snack - chocolate oat bar - I wasn't too keen on this as it tasted very much like the snack a jack rice cakes

Dinner - lamb hot pot and salad - this was sooo yummy I'm glad I ordered a few of these! 

Day 4 -

Breakfast - chocolate cookie

Lunch - spicy tomato and beef soup

Snack - salted popcorn

Dinner - spag Bol with salad 

Day 5 - this was my birthday so I cheated a little!

Breakfast - cinemon granola 

Lunch - tomato soup

Snack - birthday cake (not diet chef)

Dinner - Chinese takeaway (not diet chef)

Day 6 

Breakfast - original granola

Lunch - tomato pasta pot

Snack - salted popcorn 

Dinner - chicken curry with rice and salad

Day 7

Breakfast - original porridge 

Lunch - vanilla protein bar

Snack - Fruit Oat Biscuits 

Dinner - beef in ale with runner beans and carrots 

All in all, I haven't really gone that hungry and I have also learnt a lot about portion control and what a correct portion size is.. Basically kids meals! Week one on diet chef hasn't been that bad at all and even with my cheats on my birthday, I still managed to lost 3 pounds! So im ecstatic, can't wait to see the results after next week. :-) 


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