Saturday, 7 September 2013

Red Cherry Eyelashes

Hi Girls,


So I recently ran out of eyelashes and was browsing the internet for some real human hair eyelashes as I find these are the most natural looking. Whilst looking on Ebay I found Red Cherry Eyelashes. These are 100% real human hair eyelashes and were only £3.49 (includes delivery) AMAZING! I thought this was such a good price for real hair eyelashes, seen as normal eyelashes cost around £5 in boots and the human hair eyelashes I normally buy are £9.99.



These eyelashes look so natural, and for the price, its defiantly worth you giving them a go as I am now a Red Cherry eyelashes addict (I’ve just made my 2nd order for 5 more pairs!)


You can purchase these on Ebay, just type in ‘’Red Cherry Eyelashes’’ and it will come up with a load of different designs for you to choose from. J




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