Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Starting off: Concealer

Hi Ladies!


So today is the 2nd week of the SO Project and today’s post is about concealer and the ones I use.


My favourite everyday concealer is the collection 2000 concealer wand in shade Light 2. This concealer matches my skin tone perfectly and is also quiet light weight but provides a heavy coverage. Lots of bloggers rate this product and I can understand why since trying it myself!  I bought this for around £4 from Boots.



I recommend when purchasing a concealer to get one that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, so it brightens your dark areas (such as around your eyes and nose). This will lighten your skin tone and balance it out to match your foundation – blending out is key! Any foundation brush will do this perfectly.


I usually use this over my foundation, as I like having the highlighted look, So once I have applied my foundation, I dab this under my eyes and around my nose by blending it in with a foundation brush.


When I am going out or had a break out of spots (yuk!) I prefer to use my concealer palette. This is my absolute favourite due to the range of colours because they suit when I have a tan or not and it also has coloured concealers within it. The yellow shade is good for covering up dark circles and the green shade is good for covering up red spots as it cancels out the red tone.


I apply this palette under and over my foundation for a heavier coverage. under my foundation I put the green concealer on my spots and the purple concealer around my nose and under my eyes to cancel out the darkness.  After I have applied my foundation, I then match my skin tone to the rest of the palette and apply a second coat of concealer (the one that’s a shade lighter than my foundation) under my eyes, around my nose and also over my spots again. This gives such a flawless look.


Now the for fascinating bit .. this only cost me £4.82!! (and that’s including delivery) off of ebay, Just type in Concealer palette and loads will come up.



Next week’s post is foundation (ekk!) I’m really looking forward to this one, as I cannot go anywhere without wearing foundation or a BB cream. J


Shaunie xx


  1. Concealer palettes are great as you get so many colours, and I find different areas of my face need different shades. This is a great price for all those shades!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I know hun I adore it! Feel like a right professional when I use it. Ha! Xx

  2. OMG that concealer palette looks amazing and what a bargain!! I really wanna get one, as having different coloured concealers is so helpful. Just started following you! xx


    1. It's really good! Can't fault it, I would of honestly paid alot more for it! Really good coverage, it's like face paint! Lol xx

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  4. Can't believe that palette was under a fiver!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Liz xx


  5. Wow that palette looks amazing! Xx


    1. It's great hun, I would defiantly recommend it xx

  6. erm WOW i need this palette in my life! such amazing value

    I;m part of the SO project too,

    Rosie xo

    1. It's really good, such good coverage! Oooo ill check your post out now xxx



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