Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Starting off: Bronzer

Hi Hunni’s,


I am completely gutted that I missed last week’s SO Project which was on foundation. I was really looking forward to doing this, but I was on a training event at work all day (and night!) on the Tuesday so I missed it and forgot to do a post schedule (doh!). I did write a post yesterday though on how to contour your face lightly and discreetly using 3 shades of foundation.


So this week, it’s all about Bronzer (yay) Bronzer is something I use every day, I prefer using bronzer instead of blusher as I love the tanned ‘glow’ look, plus I haven’t managed to master the ‘anti-clown’ look with blusher.. (quickly goes on you-tube for blusher tutorials...)


Bronzer is a powder or liquid used to add some colour to your face – particularly popular in the summer for that ‘golden goddess’ look especially if you get one that has shimmer within it (beautiful!), people also use matte bronzer’s to contour their face. You can use bronzer all over your body and on your face.


How to use bronzer


I apply my bronzer to my cheek line to create a slight contour and then I dust the bronzer all over my face very lightly to give me some more colour. I prefer to use matte bronzers, as swiping a shimmer bronzer all over your face wouldn’t be a good look.. unless you were trying to resemble a disco ball! However, in the summer or for nights out, I do like adding a shimmer bronzer to my collar bone and my chest to just make me look (and feel) more golden goddess-y!


My favourite bronzers

My absolute favorite bronzer is the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in shade Sunlight I love this bronzer and have used this for years as my everyday bronzer. I think this is great for first timers, as you cant really go wrong with it, unless you have a REALLY heavy hand. This bronzer works perfectly for me as its Matte, has no shimmer in it what-so- ever and doesnt have an orange tint to it. This bronzer also applys really easy and blends well because the powder is so compact. You can pick this up from Boots or Superdrug .


My next favorite is a body illuminating bronzer from St Tropez its a liquid form so blends perfectly into your skin and smells.. gorgeous! I like to apply this on my collar bone and on my chest to add a subtile shimmer and bronze, in the summer or on nights out when I want to feel extra glam and S-E-X-Y! You can pick this up from St Tropez's website. The above picture makes it look more of a highlighter, but it has got a bronzing underlay to it. 


Last but not least... The Bourjois Bronzing Primer. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I love this, its so easy to blend and smells beautiful, like chocolate (yummy!) I am going to Tenerife in 2 weeks and I will definatly be taking this with me because its very light and doesnt feel cakey or heavy on your face at all. I apply this after my foundation, with my stippling brush from Real Techniques by dabbing it lightly into the pot, and then dabbing it onto my cheeks and cheek hollows to add some colour to my face – then blend, blend blend! You litrally only need to dab your brush lightly into the pot, because too much of this, will make you look silly! Its VERY pigmentated so you really need to use a light hand. Like I have said before, I like this product because its a matte bronzer and has no shimmer within it. The only thing I don’t like is the size of the pot, I find this goes down quiet quickly but hey-ho! You can purchase this from Boots or Superdrug.



  1. I totally dealt with the clown blushers in the beginning. eventually i figured it out. I still do not know how to use bronzers and I have trouble finding the perfect shade for my yellow toned skin. I thought about the rimmel one but never bought it. Next time, definitely trying this one out.

    1. Ah I have yellow toned skin, the Rimmel one is great so natural looking xx



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